Friday, 8 July 2016

Funny Videos

 I am really genius

The world's smallest Love Story


       These are not funny :) 


 Shampoo Prank


    Amazing Fireworks


     Tit for Tat


Amazing Clips


  How to snatch a Mobile Phone


When a blind see a Hot Girl


This is not funny, this is cheating.


Thursday, 7 July 2016

Funny GIFs

The evolution of the Smartphone

Guy rides bike over puddle on cardboard

High five Stephen Colbert

Kid does not quite get how to drink from the hose pipe

This bird is straight up going to cut you

Cat does not like to be touched by dog

Abusive parking lot

A hamster eating a burrito

Disaster parakeet

Elmo decides it just is not worth it anymore.

Different kind of Running.

Finishing coffee, Boss calling.

My Reaction when I complete a task.

My  reaction  when a  friend  suggests a star wars marathon.

My Reaction when leaving for Home on Friday

A Happy Dance

When I am hungry and alone at Home.

When I see a beautiful girl in office.

When I see my Ex.

Whenever someone says there is free food.